E-cigarettes recommendation

It comes the recommendation to give the percentage composition of all e-liquides and we are on the dock to take that train! More information for consumers, it’s going in the right direction in our view.

Following is complicated because it becomes science and we do not know on which they are based. Limit to 18mg/ml nicotine levels and the capacity 30 ml and 40 mg nicotine / cartridges: no problem Kyozen are the limits we know. But why? What scientific support for these values?

The final recommendations include encouragement to new safety studies including long-term , which seems indeed crucial. But he slipped ban vapoter in places where it is forbidden to smoke and there it gets complicated from our point of view. Indeed, studies have shown the absence of passive vapote and references of the team of Prof.

Dautzenberg have not renewed, there is no evidence of scientific studies in this direction and the recommendations would so rather political and societal.

It is feared the confusion between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, there are fears the incentive for non-smokers, while a British study shows the opposite.

Noting the lack of regulation is to follow ( and we are thrilled! ) Recommendations to protect minors, non-smokers , pregnant women and to regulate the e-cigarette. There, they will begin to please everyone keeping open the status of the electronic cigarette (consumer products and / or drugs) and position against the European directive asking the pharmaceutical status from 4mg/ml.

Whew! What a great idea! Then come the questions about the category Product Referring Tobacco (PET) – good … not as terrible name remains to be seen what is in store for him in this category …

E-Liquid electronic cigarette

The E-liquid that you use in your electronic cigarette is basically composed of:

Flavor (Conferred taste and odor vapor that is inhaled. There are flavors of any kind from imitation snuff up to coffee or chocolate.)
Vapor Electronic Cigarette: when the product is heated it produces a condensation of atmospheric moisture, resulting in a “smoke” without residues. It is the same dry steam used in concerts and nightclubs to give atmosphere. At a concert, the public receives high doses of this steam which is of vegetable origin and is considered NOT hazardous to health even indoors, and there is no combustion, but only evaporation.

Nicotine: This component is optional and you can choose the dose from 24 mg to 0 mg. Other minor products and percipients.

All products included in the E Liquid are proofed by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other international agencies responsible for public health.

Do I save money?

Of course you do! Have you ever calculated what you spend monthly on snuff? If you smoke an average of a pack a day, this is an expense of between 150 and 200 Euros per month!

The electronic cigarette requires a single initial investment which enables you to enjoy the same product for several months, even a year, depending on how you use it. The only extra expense required, will be on the cigarette refills: A 10 ml bottle of E-Liquid can stock up to a week and costs about the same as a single package of traditional snuff. The savings are obvious.