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Issues in Initial Teacher Education

Induction for Secondary Mathematics ITE Tutors

Sue Pope, St. Martin's College, Lancaster; Linda Haggarty, Open University; Keith Jones, University of Southampton

Becoming a mathematics teacher educator with responsibility for the education of trainee teachers is an under-researched area.

This report looks at some key issues that effect new mathematics teacher educators, including how the role has changed, whether the emphasis is on 'training' (in consonance with UK Government terminology) or on education (and what the difference might be), about how people learn to become teachers, and about what is known about teacher educators and how people become teacher educators. The report argues that there are huge opportunities for researching all aspects of teacher education.

The full paper is available here...

Who Trains the New Teachers?- Supporting Tutors New to Initial Teacher Education in Mathematics

Sue Pope, St. Martin's College, Lancaster, UK
Keith Jones, University of Southampton, UK

While many countries face challenges in preparing sufficient high quality mathematics teachers, the issue of the supply and quality of those who train new teachers can get overlooked.

In England, the needs of new mathematics education tutors in Universities is being recognised by the Training and Development Agency For Schools (TDA), the Government body responsible for the recruitment and training of teachers. This paper reports on the award of a grant to a group of UK professional subject associations for mathematics to produce materials and provide induction support for University tutors new to initial teacher education (ITE). One major outcome of the project is a website developed to support new (and existing) ITE tutors. Data from questionnaires to new tutors reveal that the induction support is much appreciated.

The full paper is available here...

Beginning as an ITE tutor: reflections on the first year

Jane Lawrence, University of Exeter
Don Newton, Birmingham City University
Mark Simmonds, University of Nottingham

Beginning as an ITE tutor can be both a daunting and an exciting experience. Here, three secondary mathematics ITE tutors, recently appointed to their posts, reflect on the experience of their first year or so in the job. Each has a different story to tell, indicating the variety and breadth of strengths that each of us brings to the role of ITE tutor. Yet the similarities in these descriptions of their journey through that first year are also evident. The following three accounts were written during the academic year 2006-2007.

The full paper is available here...

Developments with Mathematics M-Level PGCE Provision and Assessment

Anne Haworth, University of Manchester
Pat Perks, University of Birmingham
Clare Tikly, University of Sussex

This contribution to the ITEmaths website is the outcome of work undertaken in relation to M-level developments in PGCE courses, but it very much represents work-in-progress because of rapid developments in this area. It is intended to inform planning by mathematics PGCE tutors and promote discussion among us. We anticipate that this information will be updated in due course.

The full paper is available here...