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National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of MathematicsNational Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics is a major initiative funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (formerly the DfES) to enhance professional development for mathematics teachers, established in response to the recommendations of ACME (Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education) and those made in Professor Adrian Smith's report 'Making Mathematics Count'. Working with the wider mathematics community, they facilitate, enhance and provide strategic direction and leadership for all aspects of continuing professional development in mathematics.

Adults Learning Mathematics - a Research ForumAdults Learning Mathematics - a Research Forum

The aim of Adults Learning Mathematics is to promote the learning of mathematics by adults through an international forum which brings together those engaged and interested in research and developments in the learning and teaching id adult mathematics (here understood to include numeracy). The group comprises both researchers and adult education practitioners; it organises and annual conference, and produces a regular newsletter an international web-based journal.

Advisory Committee on Mathematics EducationAdvisory Committee on Mathematics Education

The Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education is an independent committee, which acts as a single voice for the mathematical community, seeking to improve the quality of education in schools and colleges. It advises Government on issues such as the curriculum, assessment and the supply and training of mathematics teachers.

Association of Mathematics Education TeachersAssociation of Mathematics Education Teachers

The Association of Mathematics Education Teachers is specifically for those teaching on both primary and secondary initial teacher education courses in the UK. It holds an annual day conference and produces a journal called Mathematics Education Research.

Association of Teachers of MathematicsAssociation of Teachers of Mathematics

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics exists to bring about improvements in the teaching of mathematics and its applications, and to provide a means of communication among students and teachers of mathematics. It supports the teaching and learning of mathematics by encouraging the joy of mathematics, developing the understanding of how people learn mathematics, sharing and evaluating teaching and learning strategies and promoting new ideas and possibilities. It produces two journals, 'Mathematics Teaching' and 'Micromath' as well as holding an annual conference and day courses.

Behaviour4LearningAssociation of Teachers of Mathematics

Links to discussion papers, case study examples, research articles and ideas for practice in mathematics.

British Society for Research into Learning MathematicsBritish Society for Research into Learning Mathematics

The British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics is a major forum for sharing research in mathematics education in the United Kingdom. It provides a supportive environment for both new and experienced researchers to develop their ideas. Members' interests include the teaching and learning of mathematics, mathematics assessment, mathematics curriculum development and mathematics teacher education and professional development across the full range from pre-school to further and higher education. They organise three day-conferences each year and produce publications including occasional monographs and an annual collection of reviewed research papers.

An article ‘Starting as a Researcher in Mathematics Education’ is available online.

British Society for the History of MathematicsBritish Society for the History of Mathematics

The British Society for the History of Mathematics principal aims are to promote research into the history of mathematics at all levels and to further the use of the history of mathematics in education. Its web site includes a comprehensive gazetteer of places in the UK with information about where mathematicians were born, lived, worked, died, or are buried or commemorated. There is also a useful links page to web sites containing material relevant to the study of history of mathematics and information about sources of further information in this area.

Conference of Heads of Departments of MathematicsConference of Heads of Departments of Mathematics

The Conference of Heads of Departments of Mathematics is the body that represents UK departments of Mathematics and Statistics by co-ordinating senior members of these departments. It is committed to advancing educational opportunities in the Mathematical Sciences, and to ensuring the academic well-being of the disciplines of Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, as they are taught and developed within Higher Education.

Edinburgh Mathematical SocietyEdinburgh Mathematical Society

The Edinburgh Mathematical Society was founded in 1883 for “the mutual improvement of its members in the Mathematical Sciences, pure and applied” and is firmly established as the principal mathematical society for the university community in Scotland. Its membership is drawn from all the Scottish universities and other educational institutions as well as from mathematicians in industry and commerce both at home and overseas. It provides a range of support and information particularly for those working in Scotland.

Further Maths NetworkFurther Maths Network

The Further Mathematics Network is a new DfES-funded initiative to establish 40-50 regional Further Mathematics Centres across England. The primary functions of these Centres are to set up and provide teaching and tutoring of Further Mathematics AS/A-level to students in schools and colleges that couldn't otherwise offer it and to support students and teachers in schools and colleges that do teach Further Mathematics. Each Centre will also have a role in promoting Mathematics in general by organising initiatives to help attract more students into post-16 Mathematics, and a responsibility to support the CPD (Continued Professional Development) of teachers, to help them teach Further Mathematics in their own schools and colleges.

Institute of Mathematics and its ApplicationsInstitute of Mathematics and its Applications

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications is a professional and learned society for qualified and practising mathematicians. The IMA Education Services Area (ESA) is active in promoting mathematics education at secondary and tertiary levels. The society produces a range of journals including Teaching Mathematics and its Applications for secondary and tertiary mathematics teachers.

Joint Mathematical CouncilJoint Mathematical Council

The Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom serves as a forum for discussion between societies and works to promote the advancement of mathematics and the improvement of the teaching of mathematics at all levels from primary to higher education. One of its activities is to organise The British Congress of Mathematics Education which aims to provide a unified view of mathematics education, provide a forum for discussion of relevant issues and to help in preparation for the International Congress of Mathematics Education.

London Mathematical SocietyLondon Mathematical Society

The London Mathematical Society was established for the promotion and extension of mathematical knowledge. The Society has an Education Committee, which supports a wide range of activities within mathematics education.

Mathematical AssociationMathematical Association

The Mathematical Association is a major professional association for those involved in mathematics education. Its membership includes teachers from primary and secondary schools, further and higher education, advisors, inspectors, practising mathematicians and students. It was formed in 1871 and works to improve mathematical education. The MA publishes a range of journals, books and reports. It also supports a number of meetings, conferences and professional development opportunities.

Mathematics in Education and IndustryMathematics in Education and Industry

Mathematics in Education and Industry is an independent UK curriculum development body, covering the age range 11 to 19 and beyond. MEIís major activities include:

The membership of MEI consists almost entirely of working teachers.

National Association for Numeracy & Mathematics in CollegesNational Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges

The National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges is an association of further education, tertiary and sixth form colleges formed in 1993 with the aim of assisting colleges nationally in developing quality in all aspects of their work in mathematics and numeracy.

National Association of Mathematics AdvisorsNational Association of Mathematics Advisors

The National Association of Mathematics Advisors is for advisors, inspectors and consultants in school mathematics education. It aims to ensure that inspection, advice and support, individually and collectively, make an effective contribution to mathematics education and holds an annual conference as well as having a regular newsletter.


The NRICH project aims to enhance the mathematics experiences of school age students by giving them the opportunity to explore and engage with mathematics activities. It also aims to research and develop the use of technology and to contribute to national and international debate about the teaching and learning of mathematics. The web site is a rich source of challenging ideas offering a resource both for teachers to use and for direct pupil use. Other parts of the project provide discussion boards and email lists both for teachers and pupils as well as events and training.

Operational Research SocietyNRICH

The Operational Research Society aims to encourage awareness, learning, practice and research in OR - the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. The Society has an 'OR in Schools' task force which hopes to raise awareness of OR in those studying mathematics and to provide materials to support decision mathematics modules.

Rich Starting Points for A Level MathematicsNRICH

This site is primarily for those who prepare students to take A level mathematics and contains starting points for a range of A level topics.

Royal SocietyRoyal Society

The Royal Society is the UK's independent national academy and represents the British scientific community within Britain and in relations with individuals and groups of scientists throughout the world. The main focus of the education work of the Society is the science and mathematics education of 11-19 year olds through a variety of projects.

Royal Statistical SocietyRoyal Statistical Society

The Royal Statistical Society aims to develop, foster and disseminate statistical knowledge, methodology and good practice for the benefit of all society. It has an Education Strategy Group and is concerned with supporting and promoting statistical education.

School Mathematics ProjectSchool Mathematics Project

The School Mathematics Project is an educational charity aiming to improve the teaching of mathematics. It has funded a variety of activities but its main contribution gas been in the production over 40 years of high quality teaching and assessment materials in secondary schools, devised and trialled by teachers.

United Kingdom Mathematics TrustUnited Kingdom Mathematics Trust

The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust exists to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics. They organise national mathematics competitions and other mathematics enrichment activities for 11-18 year old UK school pupils. These range from popular Ďmassí maths Challenges to team competitions, forums for teachers and the selection and training of the UK team for the International Mathematical Olympiad. The site includes some sample maths challenge questions to try online and information about teacher meetings.